Servant And Leader Trainee

an experience for students who have completed 8th-9th grade by summer.

Spots are very limited


what is salt?

wanna work at camp someday? this is your next step.

SALT at Forest Glen is a mentorship program for the best and brightest students who love God, want to serve others, and are willing to accept responsibility. SALT will be led by our amazing SALT Leaders, who will serve alongside them and also lead them to grow in their relationship with Christ. Learn the value of hard work, serve others, develop new friendships, make lifelong memories, and take the first step into the fun, fast-paced environment of life at camp.

Founded in 1974, Forest Glen has locations in the beautiful Sam Houston National Forest, just an hour north of the Greater Houston metroplex, and in the peaceful Brazos Valley, just 45 minutes southeast of Waco, TX. Through SALT, students have an exclusive opportunity where they can begin the process of one day joining our amazing staff team at Forest Glen.


where can i serve?


HUNtsville, tx

boys & girls

waco, tx

boys only


why salt?

Get an exclusive OPPORTUNITY TO SERVE behind the scenes at camp. From serving in the dish pit to helping keep camp clean, SALT is HARD WORK by design.  Here are some awesome perks & BENEFITS of SALT:



• BE MENTORED by amazing leaders

• LEARN the value of hard work & serving others

• Receive applicable COMMUNITY SERVICE credit hours

• SERVE our guests in the areas of Hospitality, Housekeeping & Food Service

• BIBLE STUDIES with your fellow SALT teammates

• FAST TRACK consideration to become a Forest Glen staff member one day



2019 dates



HUNTSVILLE (boys + girls)

  • WEEK 1: June 3-7

  • WEEK 2: June 10-14

  • WEEK 3: June 17-21

  • WEEK 4: June 24-28

  • WEEK 5: July 1-July 5

  • WEEK 6: July 8-12

  • WEEK 7: July 15-19

  • WEEK 8: July 22-26

  • WEEK 9: July 29-August 2

  • WEEK 10: August 5-9

WACO (boys only)

  • WEEK 1: June 23-29

  • WEEK 2: June 30-6

  • WEEK 3: July 7-13


what will I do at camp?


Be mentored

SALT are led by our amazing SALT Leader who is responsible for helping them grow in their walk with Christ, as well as learn all the ins and outs of camp life. Each day, they will engage in bible studies and tons of activities that will challenge them to grow in teamwork and leadership.


Our Staff all remember the days of serving in the Dish Pit! This is where we all got our start, and it is HARD WORK. SALT truly learn the work ethic by serving in the Dining Hall.

Hydro TEAM

The SALT team helps keep camp HYDRATED! Each day, they will be responsible for making sure all of our camp staff and campers have full, ice cold watercoolers!

Have fun!

Each day, SALT will have time carved out to join in camp activities. They'll get to participate in all of the fun of camp, from Zipline to Archery Tag to Paddleboarding to BLOBBING!



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